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  • TCB PP accounting and batch time:18:30-19:00,no e-banking service provide during this time。
  • please note “last successful login time“ and “last login fail time” for every login. Please notify TCB customer service should error found.
  • do not use search engine for TCB website, please type http://www.tcb-bank.com.tw/ for TCB HO website ;TCB PP website http://www.tcb-bank.com.kh/。
  • Do not enter the e-mail directly of any personal information, and should not be used directly in the email URL links, phone numbers, etc., please identify the correct URL for each site or phone number, enter the URL listed on their own Web browser or call to confirm.
  • Please update your computer's operating system as possible ( Windows Update ) avoid the invasion of your personal computer by hackers exploit loopholes in the system
  • Be sure to install antivirus software and keep software running, so that the system always automatically updated with the latest virus definitions, and to prevent Trojan attacks.
  • Do not under any circumstances at internet cafes or public places to use Internet banking.
  • Do not tell others online banking passwords and frequently changing online banking passwords.
  • password and user ID Do not use birthdays, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, account numbers, or all of the same rules of the numbers, such as 1111, AAAA, 1234, ABCD.
  • individual user user ID is locked ﹝ corporate users administrator user ID is locked ﹞, must return to Phnom Penh Branch reapply for user passwords.

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customer service number:business hour 0900-1800 Taiwan area , please call TCB PP(02)7708-5540,(02)7708-5524
non-Taiwan area , please call (855)23 430800
     non business hour please call 0800-033-175(toll free call for Taiwan fixed line), 886-4-2227-3131